me at the Niagara Falls State Park’s Observation Tower


Toledo, Ohio c.1972 © Jerry Lewis


Mitch Hedberg

happy b-day, Steve!

"The sea is the cruelest lover."

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Helmet - Milquetoast

Seeing Helmet, Filter and Local H tonight @ Thompson House! Not quite as excited as I would have been a few years back, but still - I’m finally going to a decent gig! Yay for me!

to fight for myself and no one else
to leave the battle field when the enemy becomes my lover

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I’ve had enough of idle reverie, I for one can only see
What dreams may come for us
We’ve had enough of flight and gravity
Spill me out evolved and screaming,
“I’m not meaningless”

Left up to you I’d drown in the desert
Left up to you I’d use up forever
choking down your plastic water…

23 plays Innocence Lost Shawn Zuzek Demos

Finally, my flight to Seattle in September has been booked and the plane ticket has been purchased. Not sure if I’m as happy as I’m supposed to be or just not realizing what’s happening, but at one point in the near future I’ll be definitely freaking out.

Fuck it, it’s amazing.

The way back from work at the Ballpark. I’m sure I won’t miss this. Ever.
Or am I…?

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